The Dutch Maid Family


Here at Dutch Maid Logistics, driver satisfaction is our top priority. In fact, we want our drivers to feel like they are part of our Dutch Maid family #dutchmaidfamily. We love hearing from drivers. That’s why we check in regularly to make sure things are working out in the best possible way!

We received some feedback this week that we’d like to share with you. Our driver Vicky sent a heartwarming thank you on behalf of her and her husband Mike. The note offers a unique perspective on truck driving.


From Vicky Keyges:

Every day we count our blessings and give thanks to God. Today we extend a special “thank you” to everyone at Dutch Maid as Mike and I reach the end of our first year driving as an OTR team.

A little over a year ago, neither Mike nor I had ever set foot in a semi-truck. One day, we were driving past the yard, and we saw a new Volvo sitting out front in the grass. A sign on the truck read, “Check it out.” We talked to Jeff Brown who let us see the truck where we sat, said a few prayers, waited for a response, and haven’t looked back since.

We’re so grateful to all for their support and patience through my back surgery and while we trained to move up from a Class B to a Class A. Since then, we’ve completed over 200 assignments and have driven over 200,000 miles in all 48 states. Recently, we acquired our tanker endorsements and have just completed our first tanker load to California.

We are in awe of the hugeness of the opportunity to see this beautiful, bountiful, and culturally diverse country as a married couple (yes, we do get along that well!). This wouldn’t have been possible without the faith and hard work of several generations of the Wiers family, as well as, the entire staff of Dutch Maid including the farms. These folks work hard to keep the business growing in a competitive industry.

Mike and I have worked for Fortune 200 companies in the past, but we’ve never felt part of a family. Today we’ve found a “home” while driving the best equipment, witnessing new improvements, interacting with community projects and participating in wellness program/incentives that improve our safety, health, and well-being.

With Thanks and Blessings,

Mike and Vicky Kegyes


Here at Dutch Maid, we are thankful for Mike and Vicky, for their dedication to their work and their daily diligence. We’re proud that they are part of our #dutchmaidfamily!