We’re Family

What do we mean by family?


At Dutch Maid Logistics, being family-oriented is of prime importance to us, but what does that really mean?


Family is most often defined as a “social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered a group whether or not they live together.” However the term can also include groups of people connected by attitudes, interests, goals and united in a common occupation or enterprise. 


Here at Dutch Maid, we take family seriously. Lots of companies claim to be family companies; at Dutch Maid we mean it because we are a family business. Our story begins in 1896 when Henry Wiers and his family moved to the Willard, Ohio area. They began the family farming business that would evolve, grow, and eventually begin Dutch Maid Logistics. 


(The Wiers Family Farm business is a great story and you can learn more here.)


We believe first and foremost that a family looks out for itself and for its members. Anyone who has ever belonged to a big, boisterous family understands that the members of a family don’t always get along, but they have a common goal, and that’s success. When the family wins, everyone wins.


By the same token, we are here for one another. We take care of our business and our people the way most folks take care of their families. And we’re not just blowing smoke. Ask anyone who has had the opportunity to work for or with us, and they’ll tell you the same thing.


What family means at Dutch Maid!


  • When someone is going through a hard time, we rally together. We offer support in the forms of meals, collections, gifts. We help one another navigate the storms.


  • Like all families, we have rules. And like all rules, sometimes they’re broken. When these sorts of difficulties arise, we respond with grace and respect. Sometimes there’s a little bit of tough love because we are always looking out for the family’s well being.


  • When Dutch Maid does well, we look to do better. We improve our facilities, our pay, and our benefit programs. And when we struggle, we struggle together. Being part of a family can be hard, but it’s better than the alternative.


Dutch Maid–A Family You Can Trust


If you’d like to know more about Dutch Maid Logistics, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our expertise in handling fresh or frozen shipments is second to none. We provide a single point of contact, satellite tracking, and real-time communication, so you’re in the know from pickup to delivery.


And if you’re a driver looking to join our family, follow this link. We’d love to talk more.