How to Prepare Your Truck for Winter

Right now red, orange, and yellow leaves are still falling from the trees,  but snow is already falling in some parts of the country. This means that before long, winter will be in full swing. And that means it’s time to prepare our trucks for winter if you want to be a safe and professional driver.


Here at Dutchmaid Logistics, we put a premium priority on safety. Our driver training includes how to do both a pre and post trip inspection to make sure trucks are safe and ready to hit the road.


But winter offers different challenges, and that’s why we’ve created a simple checklist to help you prepare your truck for winter conditions.


  • Stock up with the right equipment. It’s imperative to keep the proper quantity of chaining equipment and bungees in the cab. Make sure to maintain a supply of good gloves on hand in case you are required to do work outside the truck. And don’t forget extra winter clothes–they are a must.


  • Keep fuel additives on hand.  There’s nothing worse than diesel-gelling. It’s costly because it can put your truck completely out of service until it’s taken care of. The best solution is to check with the shop, and to use a reliable winter-blend fuel.


  • Make sure your battery is in good condition.  Battery problems are one of the most common issues factoring in winter breakdowns. Cold temperatures can drain batteries more quickly. In addition, diesel engines, on average, require stronger batteries to begin with.


Here at Dutchmaid Logistics, drivers are part of our family. Having a shop at the main terminal enables drivers to work directly with the team taking care of their trucks to ensure everything is handled as quickly and efficiently as possible.


No one wants to be stuck on the side of the road when the wind is blowing and freezing rain and snow are flying around. If you follow the easy steps in this blog, we’re sure you’ll experience safer trips during the cold season.