Upcoming Trends of  Shipping Logistics: A Cornucopia of Innovation

Famed mystery author Agatha Christie closed her celebrated “Tommy and Tuppence” works with a feast thrown by a millionaire. Her 1922 description gives startling and poignant insight into how far shipping logistics has come in a mere century. 

The renowned Christie had one device to express opulence:  Fresh fruit. 

The supper party given by Mr. Julius Hersheimmer to a few friends on the evening of the 30th will long be remembered in catering circles…He gave carte blanche—and when a millionaire gives carte blanche he usually gets it!

Every delicacy out of season was duly provided. Waiters carried bottles of ancient and royal vintage with loving care. The floral decorations defied the seasons, and fruits of the earth as far apart as May and November found themselves miraculously side by side.

Christie’s description is a miracle pulled off by a millionaire. Her way of showing off to her audience the opulent engagement party of one of the world’s truly wealthy patrons.

Today, people send fruit baskets as a hotel room bonus.

Secret Adversary was published a mere century ago. Agatha Christie’s work gives a poignant portrait of how far shipping logistics have come: A single century later, we all throw parties like millionaires: From Guatemalan bananas for a baby’s snack to strawberries with champagne to ring in the New Year, we seldom stop to appreciate the miracle and the revolution that is Supply Chain Logistics.

Last Mile Logistics is the quiet wonderment of the modern world: Ecuador’s gardens that make 3,000 mile trips to supply delicate wedding roses, to the efforts to begin space mining asteroids for platinum, whatever the journey, Last Mile Logistics always prove the most difficult.

 At Dutch Maid, we got our start hauling produce: we know all about the challenges of shipping time-oriented loads: As a company we’ve grown with the shipping industry, and it’s exciting to anticipate how much further this form of trade will go a century from now!

Excitingly, shipping logistics only continue to trend up: three of the leading trends in shipping transportation include:

  • A focus on analytics: Shipping will only become more data driven, which is why our logistics team employs the best tools available to serve each shipping fulfillment order.
  • Clients are looking for more, faster: Rapid order fulfillment is becoming the norm for clients, and Dutch Maid has the capability to fill that need effectively.
  • Hybrid fleet management systems: Dutch Maid understands the importance of coordinating across resources to ensure efficiency for each of our clients.

At Dutch Maid we are grateful for the keen advancements that the shipping industry has made over the last century. The contributions to quality of life in America is so expansive, as to make it difficult to quantify easily. Whatever the challenge of quantifying our blessings, we take this opportunity for an early Thanksgiving and resoundingly say:


Cheers to Shipping Logistics, the founder of the feast!