Getting Fit with Fitspossible’s Candace Harmony

At Dutch Maid we value driver health– we know that emphasizing health is both a safety and a quality of life issue, and we want every driver to feel that their health needs are a priority for our company.


The Facts

With twenty percent of drivers leaving the industry over health related concerns, we know getting healthier is an issue that’s weighing heavily on the mind of many professional truckers today. 


Dutch Maid Sits Down with an Expert

As part of taking trucker health seriously, at Dutch Maid we took time to sit down with Candace Harmony, a fitness influencer that is deeply passionate about the health of truckers, and their long term fitness needs. 

Inertia Matters

“No matter how slow you go you are still going faster than you would be if you were sitting on the couch.”

Candace believes that when it comes to health, inertia matters. She explains that for a driver that’s trying to get healthy, it’s more about starting an exercise regimen then it is where that individual is starting out on their own journey toward better health. They say that a body at rest tends to stay at rest and a body in motion tends to stay in motion. Candace encourages drivers to get started today and for their health now and down the road.

Achievable Goals:

“Just take it one dish at a time.”

Like every well planned goal sheet, small and achievable increments is one of the top keys to success. Candace described to Dutch Maid that she knows that drivers need to have simple, achievable, daily goals. She outlined things like choosing water over soda, ignoring the hotline for fruit, or taking the time to get out and walk. It’s amazing how much those choices can shift their life. With seventy percent of drivers struggling with a pre-diabetic status, it’s more important than ever to make even small changes that add up to better health over time.

Write Down Goals

“Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve.” – Napoleon Hill.

Statistically, just writing down goals makes an individual highly more likely to accomplish things in their life. Candace shared the above quote from bestselling author Napoleon Hill. She believes that while it’s important to set goals out in increments it’s incredible what drivers can accomplish toward better health. In fact, Candace’s entire mission is centered on her belief that drivers can accomplish great things if they commit to their health: She says, “it all seems impossible until it’s done.”

Mental Health

“Your mind will always believe everything you tell it. Feed it faith. Feed it truth. Feed it love.”

Mental and physical health often seem to go in pairs, and while people often say look good feel good, Candace has found it’s closer to the truth to say feel good look good. That means getting serious about internal dialogue. And for Candace her faith is especially important to both her health and to caring about the health of others. She sees that many drivers feel forgotten and shared that she felt called by God to help change that so that they can live a healthier tomorrow.

In conclusion, at Dutch Maid we’re proud of the voices that advocate for better driver health. We know this issue is preeminent in keeping drivers on the road and more importantly giving them a stronger quality of life.